Angel of the North, 13th July 2021

Angel of the North, Near Gateshead

“When in the North East of England then you must visit the Angel of the North” I’m told, time and time again by friends and colleagues. So here we are at the Angel of the North.

This statue has been here since 1998 and its 20m in height and you honestly can’t miss it driving up the A1.

Look I’m not going to rewrite all the other pages on the Angel of the North to tell you about the place, so visit the Angel of the North Wikipedia page.

Heres my images from my visit on 13th July 2021.

If you’re going to visit then pay attention as its well signposted apart from the car park and it doesnt help that the bus lane distracts you as well.

Location Map

Photo date: 13th July 2021

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

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