Muggy head and Sore nipples

For the past few days I’ve had what I can only call a muggy head this is coupled with really sore and sensitive nipples!

It’s just over 3 months on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and since Thursday last week I’ve been struggle to concentrate on anything but also struggling to sleep. Some might say it’s the heat but alas not really. I’ve struggled to concentrate even when in air conditioned environments.

I am normally quite good at multitasking and remembering stuff but the past week, terrible. One thing at a time and writing everything down.

Maybe I’m just having a brain spasm! But I’m really struggling to conjugate my word the past couple of days.

Coupled with the fact that my nipples are so sore at the moment. They are tender to the touch and I caught one yesterday and the pain nearly put me on the floor.

I thought I’d pulled it off it hurt that much.

Maybe it’s because the nipples themselves have gotten bigger over the past month!

I’m sure it’s not the HRT because having discussed this with other trans people non have said it’s happened to them but I’ve also read articles that say it can happen.

I’m saving to see the endocrinologist as waiting for the NHS is likely to take a while but in the meantime we proceed as planned.

Muggy head and Sore nipples or not.

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