Month: July 2022

RIP my dog, Chanterelle. August 2007 to July 2022

The 16th July 2022 has been the hardest day of my life, as today I said Rest in Peace to my dog Chanterelle.

I held my best friend and constant companion of nearly 15 year in my arms as she passed away at 8:20 this evening.

My dog Chanterelle (Chante)

Chante as she was called by all who knew here or her full name Fosscott Chanterelle by her Kennel Club name.

Chanterelle was my dog and my ex partner and I bought her as a puppy from a breeder in Wales in December of 2007 at the age of 16 weeks.

When I went to the breeders, I didn’t originally go to see Chanterelle but went to view some puppies, however the breeder let Chanterelle and her brother Candy into the room and Chante jumped on the sofa and just sat there looking at me.

I just remember reaching out and stroking her and that was it! Bonded for life.

The next thing I remember I was putting her in the back of my car, and she came home with me.

She was the easiest dog to train as she was very placid and happy to please, and within time she would help me to train other dogs over the years,

As my life progressed the one constant in my life was Chante and when relationships ended, she was there to cuddle up to me.

When I was down, she was there to make me happy.

And when I went to work, she came along and all but a few of my customers gladly welcomed her into their offices and would ask where she was when I didn’t bring her with me. She became my apprentice if you like.

She was my constant walking companion and was with me as I walked over 3500 miles of the British coast, the canals of Cheshire and Greater Manchester and the hills of the Cheshire peaks and Derbyshire. She probably did double the mileage to me as she was always exploring when we were out and walking.

Even in my social life she was an active participant and loved the attention and there will be a lot of sad people when they find out she is no longer with us.

She gave her loyalty, love and friendship to everyone she met and only asked for treats, a stroke or a cuddle in return.

On Saturday 16th July at 6pm she fell ill and by the time I had got her to the vets at 7:30 she was already in a state of shock and defecating uncontrollably and even though the vets gave her an IV drip and pain medication she died in my arms at 8:20pm.

I haven’t stopped crying since!

I’ve dug some images out from both ends of her life and this page is a memorial to a beautiful little dog who I will miss terribly for the rest of my life.

Time might ease the pain, but I will always remember you, Chante.

Love you my little dog. Rest in Peace. Mummy loves you and always will. <3

Penzance, Cornwall

Those of you that know me, know Penzance is like a second home to me and over the past 25 years, I’ve spent a lot of time there and have lots of friends down on the Penwith peninsula.

Here are some of my photography shots of this beautiful area of the UK.

Photos were taken in Penzance, Newlyn, and the wider Penwith peninsula.

Emotional Puddle

It’s the 1st of July and today, and at present, I am nothing more than an emotional puddle!

No matter what I do I just cannot seem to get out of this downward spiral of sadness, crying, and despair!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been afforded many affections and I’m really struggling to deal with them.

I just don’t know what to do with these advances because everybody professes to “love me” but nobody shows me any affection!

It’s always verbal affection but going to sleep with somebody in my arms would be worth a billion words of affection.

Can’t handle this at the moment as I’m hormonal and I’m struggling to deal with my emotions.

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