After my little out burst last week about people misgendering me, I’ve given this a lot of thought and I really think that you can call me what you will, but remember it will influence how I speak to you as well! That’s not a threat by the way.

I’m not going to try and control what people think about me because that is not my Modus operandi. I live my life, you live yours.

If you can’t see me happy and think your “right to speak your mind, or say your piece” is important then don’t be upset if I do the same. If you called me a cunt, I’d do the same in return!

Just because you want to call me something you think that is the right, in your train of thought or minds eye, for you to do, then go ahead but please be aware that this will influence how I speak to you in return.

Maybe me being pissed off that you have called me something which makes me unhappy, leads to me being distraught with people as well.

I’m not forcing anyone to treat me as I wish, but disrespect begets disrespect. Remember that!

Watch this space as I think dealing with some folk is going to get difficult but I won’t be made to feel upset, angry, belittled, disrespected or abused by anyone.

My life, is mine to live!

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Mikki Tiamo

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