Coronavirus Self Isolation – Day #1

Coronavirus Self Isolation – Day #1

On the 23rd of March 2020,Boris  Johnson, the prime minister imposed additional rules and regulations in the coronavirus self isolation debacle and although I’m not going to get a bean from the government being self-employed we’ve taken the decision to self isolate and stop working.

This is even though I’ve been working in an empty warehouse for the past week, alone. But its more to do with the travel restrictions and not me actually wanting to stop working.

So I take 2 maybe 4 weeks unpaid holiday and see what happens in the next couple of weeks. I’m of the opinion that my health and well-being and that of my customers, friends and family is more important than anything else and if I have to go bankrupt in the future so be it. I’ve resigned myself to this should it happen.

My mate Helen is also self-employed and is in the same scenario.

We have both seen our customers disappear over the past couple of days with cancelled appointments and lots of work cancelled overnight. I have work for later in the week but I don’t know if I’ll be able to go, even though I’m going to empty offices.

We sat down as a little committee this morning Helen,Chris and I and decided  we were going to self isolate together as we’ve barely seen anybody for the past few days apart from each other.

So, chez Mow Cop is now on lock down. We have food, we have beer and we have a few other earthly delights to bide us over.

Loved ones have been informed and requested they do the same!

chris up a ladderSo all that discussed and agreed we spent all day watching Chris hang off the chimney pots as he was the only one of us brave enough to climb up to the apex of the roof to re-point the top of the chimney and put some Cowlings on top of the chimney to stop water from running down the chimney and into the back bedroom.

Chris spent all-day re-pointing the chimney and telling both me and Helen, “i’m ok you can go and do something else”, but we were both so worried about him, we ended up both watching him!

Thankfully, Chris was able to carry his huge balls up and down the ladder several times and hopefully tomorrow we won’t need much extra work once the mortar has dried. You wouldn’t catch me up there, 36ft high!

I spent a really relaxing afternoon painting the stairs and the landing away from the stresses of work but this forced lock down does have was all worried about our finances over the next couple of months.

We also got Helen’s huge motor home on the drive today so hello officially has somewhere to sleep at the house so we celebrate her moving in 2 months after we got the house. For the past few weeks I think Helen has been stressing about having to reverse her van into the back garden but she nailed it.

Day one rounded up with a beautiful home made corned beef hash pie and a few beers.

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