Coronavirus self isolation – Day 4

Day 4 of our coronavirus self isolation and after seeing last nights self employment package I’d say I’m pretty much screwed as the owner of the business. Any staff will be taken care of by the state but after reading between the lines one of the criteria for approval I don’t meet! I will be […]

Coronavirus self isolation – Day 3

Funny old day today, on day 3 of our coronavirus self isolation. And today we’ve talked lots about the things we are seeing in the news and what folk can and can’t do? We also talked lots about the self employed rescue package, Which, let’s be honest, is pityful! This mornings walk was a bit […]

Coronavirus self isolation – Day 2

So, what’s been happening at Mow Cop towers on the second day of our coronavirus self isolation. After last night sitting up late, sitting up chatting, drinking and smoking, this morning’s supposed early morning walk turned into Chris going out on his own. From 8am my phone litterly exploded. I had a dozen phone calls […]

Coronavirus Self Isolation – Day #1

On the 23rd of March 2020,Boris  Johnson, the prime minister imposed additional rules and regulations in the coronavirus self isolation debacle and although I’m not going to get a bean from the government being self-employed we’ve taken the decision to self isolate and stop working. This is even though I’ve been working in an empty […]

Average Joe song – FFS

I absolutely love the lyrics to this Average Joe song, FFS. The words sum up past relationships. I saw them last year and was blown away by the lyrics of this and many other of their songs. Lyrics FFS Give me a reason to love, you, girl Give me a reason to love, you, girl [...]

I’ve taken my friends for granted

So, it hits me out of the blue and I admit it I have abused my friends. Abused my true friends over the past few years, probably longer as relationships and work sometimes meant friends got pushed aside. Alas no more and my friends and family will be given higher priority in my life. In […]

Blackpool at night

7th December and I find myself in Blackpool at night, for a night out with Kim. She has never been to Blackpool before and wanted to see Blackpool Tower and the comedy hall of fame. So before we go to Funny Girls we walk down to the seafront.  It's Bloody freezing! I know its November, [...]

Funny Girls in Blackpool

Ring, Ring: "Hi Kim is me. Wanna go out in Blackpool? I've got tickets to Funny Girls in Blackpool" "Oh Mikki, that would be great" "Fantastic, You're driving then Kim. Pick me up on Friday about 5pm and wear your best dress and pack a bag." My mate Kim has never been to Blackpool. Never, [...]
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