Doctors again, again!

Doctors again, again!

Yes, again I’m compelled to write about my doctor’s. and yes, I’m getting really fucked off with the shit service!

I feel like I’m belly aching for belly aching’s sake but after last week I thought they’d sorted out my name change. Alas, no!

I’d booked an appointment last week, after last weeks fiasco, I thought with a doctor. Nope, on arrival the receptionist says “oh, you’re with the practice nurse”.

My heart sank as I was hoping to have a chat with an actual doctor as the last time, I spoke to one in person was in July 2019!

I sit in the waiting room for the nurse with one other patient and the nurse comes out and shouts for me by my old name. My heart sank and I felt really angry as that point as I was told this was sorted last week. Nope!

She disappears and comes back a few minutes later and looks at me and says “Mikki” I answer, yes and we go into the nurses office.

I’m asked “Why didn’t you answer”

Well nursey, its not my fucking name anymore and I think you’d be pissed off if you’d got married and changed your name but over 2 years later your fucking doctors hadn’t changed your bastard name!

“Would you like to speak to the practice manager?”

Why will she sort this out? Okay lets see what she can do.

The nurse then does blood pressure at this time and its sky high. “Oh, that’s a bit high”

No fucking shit sherlock! Do you not think I’m a bit angry right now.

I end up speaking to the practice manager and after a lot of messing about with emails they manage to receive another copy of my Deedpoll and now apparently, (Although I am not 100% certain this has happened), my doctors have finally changed my name on their records.

Incidentally, after an hour of dealing with all this I have my blood pressure done again and its slightly higher than normal!

Watch this space for the next thrilling episode of “My Doctors and my name change”

Next job is to Apply for my Gender Recognition Certificate which also requires my doctors involvement 🙁

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