Progesterone or depression?

Progesterone or depression?

I’ve been on progesterone now for a month and a half and for the past 2 weeks my mental state has been awful. I’m not saying it is the progesterone but it’s got me thinking!

I’m not talking little waves of emotion here, I’m talking like massive elation down to almost suicidal thoughts.

Today’s been the worst and I found myself sobbing like a baby in a cafe at dinnertime. So bad I made my escape and returned to the hotel I’m staying at, I’m working away.

On return to the hotel I cried for about an hour, not sobbing, proper bawling my eyes out and even writing this 12 hours later I’m beginning to feel the same way again.

While I was sat there this afternoon I began thinking, surely the world wouldnt miss me if I wasn’t here!!!

I’ve never had thoughts like this all my life and I’ve been through some really rough shit in my life time!

I’m loath to talk to my health care professional as they put notes on my medical record which having read what they’ve written in the past and seen how it’s affected things like my life insurance premiums, I really don’t want to speak to them at the moment!

Im thinking it’s the progesterone or maybe I actually am depressed.


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