Sick and tired of being nice

Sick and tired of being nice

Sick and tired of being nice, getting nowhere.
Another day older, but not yet quite there.
Now I’ll ignore you, protect me, myself.
Don’t say I’m bad, like you’re left on the shelf!
Can’t be nasty, it’s not in my nature.
But not in a good place, left mentality unstable.
I really can’t keep doing, this dating shit!
Gave you my heart, foolishly though, every last bit.
Didn’t see your bad side, blind as a bat.
You said really bad things, behind my back.
Alone I now stay, emotionally devoid.
And beautiful women, I should avoid!
Give me the drugs to remove, this libido.
I’m happier then, don’t get a bruised ego.
Why did you do, those things to me.
Didn’t deserve them, stay away from me.
Treated you right, you treated me bad.
I just don’t deserve that, goodbye, adiós, Ciao!

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