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The Wedding

It’s been 14 years since two of the finest human beings it’s been my pleasure to be friends with got engaged and on the 27th they finally tied the knot, got hitched, got married.

As it’s their wedding I decided to leave Mikki at home and go as my alter ego.

For those who think that’s weird as a trans female, then let me explain my rational.

This day isn’t about me, its not about my ego, its not about what I look like, its not about who I am…..

It’s about my friends. Their happiness, their special day. It’s about the couple who are getting married.

It’s also about the love and respect I have for them as my friends.

Also some of my other friends haven’t yet met Mikki, I decided today wasn’t the day for that to happen.

I’m sure this has disappointed them but I also decided not to attend the wedding as Mikki because this couple have supported me so much over the past few months and have been there when I’ve had mental breakdowns and anxiety attacks as well as to offer support and love.

So I decided to become a wall flower for the day.

I’ve known the happy couple for a long time and I shared a house with the groom for a few years and this has given me a bond with him which has lasted over 25 years. We can go months without speaking, not that we do, but when we talk again it’s like nothing has changed. The conversation carries on from where we left off. In fact even now we never say “see you” or “bye” and always say “speak to you later”.

So, the wedding.

I was so eager to get there I arrived about 30 minutes early despite an hour and a half’s drive. Seems I wasn’t the only one as some of my friends are already sat in the car park.

Gotta love this lot.

The ceremony was a low key affair because the happy couple are low key people, so just family and friends and I loved seeing some of their family after what is in some cases 10 years.

The ceremony started with the pair walking in to the 2001: a Space Odyssey music which I knew about but it made quite a few people laugh. That was the aim and they had timed the walk down the aisle to perfection. They admitted later they had practised the distance to walk to the musical duration.

The rest of the ceremony passes quickly and I admit the female side of me was crying her eyes out. I was so happy for them as they both looked happier than I’ve ever seen them. Smiling so much.

The wedding is over in what seems like a flash but we’ve been in the registry office for an hour.

After the ceremony we retire to one of the local ale houses for the partaking of drinking of alcoholic beverages as well as pre-prepared food stuffs. We sit in two groups, the conformists and the non-conformers. I do try talking to some of my mates family, in the conformists circle, but there already well on the way to being pissed after a few hours. I sit with my friends and chew the fat but after 3 hours it’s decided we should retire to the happy couples house for more of a party.

All the squares leave. Yay!

I get some time to spend with two of the most important people in my life. Let me explain why.

My transition so far has been a short journey. I’ve kept things close to my chest but the first people I outed myself to was the happy couple. This was at the start of October. I outed myself to them a fortnight before I told my parents and on the night I went round to my parents as Mikki for the first time. I went to their house straight after. I admit it shocked them especially as I had gone to a massive effort that evening to look amazing, but after the initial shock, they were so cool about me as Mikki.

That evening we all sat and talked. We talked until the next day, right through the next day and into Sunday morning. All the time I’m sat in their house. I’m Mikki. They treat me so differently to 99% of my friends.

On Sunday I leave their house but not before they have said how they both feel so honored I have introduced them to Mikki and they’re also blown away by my honesty, mainly as to how honest I’ve had to be to myself, as well as how happy I am after years of, and I quote “being a miserable fucker”

This has led them to talk to each other at length after what they term as, their relationship having gone stale. Once I’d left on the Sunday they continued to sit there and talk more and more. They said until Tuesday evening and most of this was about how happy I am and about being honest with each other about what they want from each other in their relationship.

11:40 pm on Tuesday night and my phone rings. Its the groom.

“Mate, I just wanted to tell you we’ve talked after the weekend and we want you to be the first to know. We’re getting married”

I’m speechless! and I admit I cried. They wanted me to be the first to know!


We talk for well over an hour but they have obviously listened to what I was telling them about being honest to yourself and only then can you be honest to those who love you.

I love these two, their my best mates, and as such as would never have missed their wedding for anything.

I had a awesome day and on New Years Eve I’m at their house as me, Mikki. Along with everyone who want to meet Mikki.

So looking forward to this and the wedding was amazing!

The Old Red Bus Station, Leeds

I was at a Psytrance night on 14th December for my mates stag night at the Old Red Bus Station. What a great venue.

The place is an old bus station and as such is a little industrial inside but its a great place and on this night there was 3 dance floors going at once over 2 floors.

Great bar area with cool staff. Roll on the next event there.

Pre-christmas drinks in Manchester

Pre-christmas drinkies in Manchester

The red dress which started it all, and ended some other parts of my life as well.

Loved my makeup for the evening which looks a bit pink in the cold light of day but looked ace in the club later on.

Night out in the village and Qwerkmas


Friday the 13th! is that unlucky?

Superstition says so but what the hell, lets go somewhere new, do something new, experience something new on this of all superstitious days.

I’d bought tickets to Qwerk as a good friend had said it’s a great night out but first, I decided to have a walk around the village and stick my head around the doors at some of the bars I’ve not been in.

I’d driven down as the trains, WTF is wrong with this country. Last time I checked Britain wasn’t some third world shit hole in the arse end of nowhere so why can’t we have a public transport system which works at least some of the time.

I’d walked down to the train station to catch the 9:20 train and I’m stood waiting on the station and one of the station staff wonders over and says “Hiya Love, are you hoping to catch the train into Manchester”

Hoping to catch, did you just say, hoping to catch?

“Yes, the trains have been cancelled and the next one won’t be for over an hour”

Shit! Okay need a refund and you can stick your train service up your arses!

I end up getting a refund and I walk back home via my local bar.

I walk into the Snow goose to have a word with a few of the staff. They’ve been great to me over the past few months.

I walk in and the person I want to see has finished work about 10 minutes before I got there but one of the other members of staff looks blown away when she sees me.

I make my excuses and totter off home to get my car.

50 minutes later I’m in central Manchester and park up in the Village as my feet are already bloody aching as I’ve walked about a mile already and I’m wearing there which are comfy at present.

I’ve come down to the village for Qwerk but its only 10:45 so I head round to Canal street and into one of the regular bars I visit. On Bar.

With Lee Star in On Bar

As soon as I walk through the door Lee Star comes over to me and gives me the “Oh darling you look amazing” Thanks Duck, So do you. <kiss> For those that know Lee Star is the Queen of the early part at On Bar and is so approachable and has always been happy to talk to me when I’ve been in there. Beware she is the inuendo queen and I always struggle to keep up with the inuendo (usually because I’m still laughing at the last inuendo as the next one comes along) and double entendras.

I spend about three quarters of an hour in on bar and get bought a drink by a young man in his early 20’s who comes and sits next to me and introduces himself (Aaron) with what I thought was the weirdest chat up line ever. “You look like my mum; can I have a hug. She died recently and I miss her”

At first, I was like “Fuck off” that’s a seriously messed up chat up line but no. He gets his phone out and starts showing me pictures of his mum and, no shit I do look like her!!!

I give him a hug and he starts to cry! Okay I’m freaked out, but I hold him for a few minutes.

He jumps up, apologises and disappears I’m not sure if that’s out of sadness, happiness or whether he’s embarrassed.

He returns a few minutes later with two drinks. One for me and one for himself. We sit and chat for about 20 minutes. He misses his mum dreadfully and he has another little cry.

I leave On Bar and walk up Canal street to Bar Pop. I absolutely love the girls who work outside but outside is no place to be tonight as its cold. I have a quick chat to the 7 ft tall goddesses outside for a few minutes before I go in as I don’t know how but one of them remembers my name even though I’ve only told her once. I can’t remember people’s names even after they’ve told me a dozen times.

The music is great inside Bar Pop and I have a little boogie and a drink.

Next, I wonder up Canal street and into Churchills. Not for me. The atmosphere is not to my liking. Too many drunks for me I’m afraid. Next!

Next is Bar Kiki. I’ve been in a few times and I do like the venue and the music but alas tonight its pretty quiet so again, Next! Also the heels I’ve got on do not want to interface with the floor in their and it looks like I’m pissed as I walk across the floor as I can’t get any traction.

I next totter round to New York, New York and meet up with a few friends who are also dressed to impress. Its almost impossible to hold a conversation though tonight as the music in the lounge part of the bar is so fucking loud and it was roasting in here. Even the bar man couldn’t hear me when I ordered, either that or he thought I wanted something harder (behave) than a coffee! Anne even asked him to turn it down a but alas he didn’t so after a single drink we left and went back to On Bar and sat upstairs on the terrace outside. At least we can sit in relative quiet and Aaron joins us but he’s quite drunk now and a bit giddy but he holds my hand while we sit and chat. I’m glad of the attention if truth be told.

Its knocking on a bit now, after the witching hour and we wonder round to Sub 101 for the Qwerk evening.

For those who don’t know Qwerk is located in Sub 101 on 101 Princess St in Manchester. M1 6DD if you want to look it up on a Map and is located underground.

I arrive at about 12:30 and descend down to the cashiers point and cloakroom and then down again into the basement of 101 Princess street.

My word its fucking dark in here, almost foreboding with dark wall and dark floor. I can see its been made like this to make the bar area and the dance floor more inviting. I am sure there are those who love the dark décor but as soon as I’ve got a drink I’m away to find lighter pastures. I’m not a fan of dark places unless their also wet and warm!

The music is good and there are already people on the dance floor. This is a good sign as some of the clubs in the village don’t get going until maybe 2-3am but there is already a dozen people dancing.

The DJ is located about 2 foot above the dance floor and the DJ is obviously having it large, a lady who I later find out is called Fay. She’s dancing away as much as those on the dance floor. I’d describe the music as bouncy, but I’ll be honest its not my type of music and it’s a bit slow. However, I’m going out on Saturday to a Psytrance night and I know the music will be better so I’m not to bothered and tap my feet along with the beat.

Vicky and I at Qwerk, photo by Johnny Blackburn

I’m sat beside the dance floor, playing with my phone when a lady approaches and introduces herself as Vicky. “Hi Vicky, I’m Mikki”

We sit and chat for a while and she passes comment on how lovely I look and how she likes my dress and loves my shoes. “Aren’t they uncomfortable?” A bit but I’ve worn worse. “I can’t wear heels anymore as I’ve got a bad leg” Bad leg or not my dear you were cutting shapes with the best of them on the dance floor.

Small talk dispensed she asks me to dance and moments later we’re on the dance floor.

Within about 20 minutes I’m feeling the pain in my feet so its off with the heels and stockinged feet meet cold dance floor. Absolute bliss.

I dance for a few hours and speak to loads of people, many dressed in Christmas clothing. Loved the group of men who came in all dressed as elves with sparkly beards and little pork pie hats with Christmas light belts. They were a laugh and I ended up dancing with them for quite a while.

Vicky seems to know everyone and introduces me to many people. Too much for my aged brain and I can’t remember everyone’s name.

I meet Kelvin Andrews and his Missus who was doing the guest DJ set that night. Lovely, lovely, people and I ended up talking to Flo for a good hour about life, the universe and everything.

Kelvin’s set is ace, and I have a dance until my feet hurt again.

The rest of the evening is great, and I ended up going home with a young lady.

Glad I drove down now otherwise I’d have been screwed getting home!

Great night.


It’s Friday the 13th December and a night out with friends in the village at Qwerk for their Qwerkmas event at Sub101.

Here’s some pictures of the night.

Blackpool at night

7th December and I find myself in Blackpool at night, for a night out with Kim.

She has never been to Blackpool before and wanted to see Blackpool Tower and the comedy hall of fame. So before we go to Funny Girls we walk down to the seafront.  It’s Bloody freezing! I know its November, what were we expecting?

Photos are of Blackpool Sea Front, Blackpool Tower, The Winter Gardens, and Funny Girls.

The other shots are of some of the Graffiti we spotted while walking over to Funny Girls. If you haven’t been to Funny Girls it’s well worth a visit.

Had a fantastic night.

Funny Girls in Blackpool

Ring, Ring: “Hi Kim is me. Wanna go out in Blackpool? I’ve got tickets to Funny Girls in Blackpool”

“Oh Mikki, that would be great”

“Fantastic, You’re driving then Kim. Pick me up on Friday about 5pm and wear your best dress and pack a bag.”

My mate Kim has never been to Blackpool. Never, Ever! And its amazed me how someone can get to 40+ years of age and have only lived 55 miles from Blackpool but never have visited? *

For those that don’t know what Funny Girls in Blackpool is then allow me to enlighten you.

Funny Girls is a Drag Act Caberet Show Club in Blackpool now homed in the old Odean theatre on Dickson Road up near Blackpool Tower. This is classed as the Gay Quarter of Blackpool and is home to many fabulous Gay Bars and pubs around here.

You can expect, Drag Acts (well duh!), comedy, dancing, singing. It’s an all-round entertainment show from the Funny Girls Follies.

The Funny Girls Venue is fantastic and the quality of the shows is absolutely amazing and it kept us captivated all evening from the Host Zoe and her cutting wit through to the dancers and loverly floor and bar staff. Great entertainment which made us cry with laughter, sing with joy with fab food and cocktails.

It’s a great evening out in Blackpool’s gay district if you’ve never been.

Dress code is Smart casual, Fab or OTT! No tracksuits or baseball caps (I realise for some people this is smart casual, but dress like your going to court for your last burglary offense at the very least!)

Funny Girls in Blackpool’s address is:

5 Dickson Road

* You know Kim’s ex thought Blackpool was a dump and would never take her/go there. So they went to Rhyl instead!!! Oh, they irony!

We had a great night but a lesson learnt for me. Wearing a tight skirt and then having to get into Kim’s little sports car was amusing for Kim and a nightmare for me.

Love you Kim babes xxx

Walk round Manchesters Gay Village

Right lets get this out there. I love going out in the village in Manchester and sometimes I visit and just have a walk round Manchesters gay village. I’ve been there now about 30 times since August on nights out and in all those visits I can safely say that I’ve never seen any trouble and always have a great time.

On 2nd of December I was working in Rhyl and had gone there on the train. On travelling back I arrived back in Manchester to find my train back to Macclesfield had been cancelled. “What’s that cancelled you say? Surely no trains get cancelled in Britain!”

So I decided to have a walk round Manchester, and the Village. Its the first time I’ve been there during daylight for a few months.

Here’s some pictures of Manchesters Gay Village which I’ll add to as time goes on.

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