How to ruin my night out – Covid!

How to ruin my night out – Covid!

Sat next to some one at a family do and how to ruin my night out because you perceive you know best!

A bit of background knowledge before we go on, over the past week I have spent quite a bit of time in very noisy places. Because of this I’ve been shouting to be heard, so when I met someone last night at a family event I was a bit croaky and had a really dry cough

So I’m coughing and I’m talking to a woman who says to me “You’re coughing quite a lot, have you had a Covid test?”

No, its just a cough as I’ve got a sore throat

“Well I think you need to go get a Covid test as I think you might have Covid!”

I had a Lat flow test this morning and it was negative. I have to be pretty keen on this because I work in offices and schools.

“Lat flow tests are useless, I work in a doctors surgery and you need to get a PCR test.

What do you do at the surgery?

“I’m the practice manager”

Ah, so you’re a fully trained healthcare professional then?

Correct me if i’m wrong here but let me get this straight, I know you’re concerned about me having Covid, but probably more concerned about catching it.

First off  at if you’re so concerned about catching Covid, why are you out? Go home and shield.

Secondly, in your considered medical option you think I may have Covid, what is your medical training? Probably, but i’m guessing here, none whatsoever.

If Lat Flow tests are so inaccurate why is the government pushing them in such a big way.

Any way because of this it really put a mocker on my night out as I spent the rest of the night going, “It cant be, again? I only had it in August! What if I have got it?”

Tried to book a PCR test but as i’ve tested positive in the last 100 days I was unable to get a test. However after a good nights sleep I’m not coughing and I don’t have a sore throat.

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