I’m not your sexual fetish

I’m not your sexual fetish

This messenger thing is really getting thin, now to me.
I’m not your sexual fetish, and never will be.

Male or female they both message me, on Facebook and Instagram,
messages sent to really annoying me.

Sending me messages, as rude as fuck.
Things they like to see, or can I just take a look?

I’m not your fetish, I’m really not,
my private parts, no photos for you, have I got!

If I had, do you think I’d share them with sexual deviants, like you?
Not a chance you wierdo! Really f you!

So, no I won’t show you my tits or my other bits.
You’ve got no chance, your request make you sound like ignorant shits!

Fuck right off, you freak me out.
These persistent messages, like Lou Lou, they make me want to shout.

I know that I’m pretty, I work hard at it.
But all you want are pics of my intimate bits!

I’m more than a fetish, but no, not to you,
so how would you feel if I’d messaged, the same things to you?

And if not to you, then maybe your sis.
Yeah, then maybe you’d see how idiotic this is.

Be nice in your message you insolent prick,
you’re block, ignored, and reported because of your shit.

I’m not your sexual fetish,
I’m a human being and more than you’ll ever know.

But to you, you wierdo,
a sexual fetish is all I’ll ever be.

Don’t message me freak show.
So, bye bye, caio, see ya, arrivederci!

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