Transend, Macclesfield Trans and Trans Ally group

Transend, Macclesfield Trans and Trans Ally group

If you’re looking for a Trans friendly group, Transend, in Macclesfield then I can recommend you take a look at the Transend group on Facebook as they are a great bunch of people supporting the trans community in Macclesfield.

Sure, Macclesfield has its own little LGBTQ+ community but as with many LGBTQ+ groups I have found they focus mainly on the LGB part of our spectrum and the Macclesfield group also focus’s heavily on the pride element of the LGBTQ+ community. I applaud this but I also think lots of LGBTQ+ people are looking for support more than a parade once a year.

Ironically, I found Transend through while searching links on the Macclesfield Pride website and visited the facebook page and joined.

The group is very friendly and as well as the online chats the group hold regular meetings at local venues.

Please take a few moments to view the facebook page and possibly join. I am on there so if you want to chat, pin me in a message.

The facebook group is available at :

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