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Self support stockings review (holdups)

This is just a quick review of some self support stockings (Holdups) I’ve purchased recently from, Tights City and I just wanted to let you know how good these stockings actually are, and for the price I havent found anything which comes close to these for quality, price and support. These stockings from Tights City …

on the sixth day god created manchester

A little walk round Manchester

I had to go into Manchester on the 23rd May to drop keys and equipment off at a clients so too full advantage of a walk round the city centre. Its not the first time i've been in there since Coronavirus lockdown but it was still very very quiet around most of the city centre. …
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Why I don’t have a TV

Number one. I don’t have time. No, seriously! I do not have time to watch television. I work for myself and I spend all my time either organising my employees are organising myself. Either that or doing accounts or out of hours maintenance on the Servers I manage, The rest of my spare time is …


Why do you treat me so bad

This was written as a quick poem to a woman I once loved. Why do you treat me so bad Although I love you like mad, All you do is treat me bad, And every single word you say, Is like a knife which takes away, My heart and soul, the life in me, Eroded …