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Birthday disappointment

Today is my 50th birthday and what a big birthday disappointment it’s been. I had a big birthday party planned and myself and a large group of us were going to go out for a few drinks and then go to a psytrance event and dance the night and possibly the next day away! Sadly, …


Being Single

For the first time since 1996 I find myself well and truly being single. Not in a relationship. You know what? I’m not really bothered about this. Thought I was but I’ve realised I’m really not. Almost immediately after the breakdown of my marriage I started another relationship.  Perhaps because of my own stupidity or …


Going unnoticed

I’ve given this way to much thought over the past few months and I’ve come to the conclusion that going unnoticed is not only undesirable but its also bloody difficult for a number of reasons. First off, going unnoticed depends on what you’re wearing. You arent going to go unnoticed in 4 inch heels and …


A lot to think about

I have a lot to think about as I transition and the further I get down the line the more questions I get, which ultimately require answers. My friends are fab and although they accept me for who I am they also ask me questions about what I am doing and the journey ahead. Sometimes …

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Pink Hair

I went to Cornwall in the first week of October and before I went I dyed my hair pink. Dont like the dark pink but now its had a few washes I like the light pink colour. Its Schwar0zkopf Live shocking pink 093 What do you all think?

My crazy follower

I’ve had a crazy follower this past few weeks. Someone I met on a night out and instantly regretted saying “Hiya” too but have struggled to get rid of! Let me tell you about it. I was out in Manchester with a few friends on what would have been the Pride 2020 weekend, when this …