Birthday disappointment

Birthday disappointment

Today is my 50th birthday and what a big birthday disappointment it’s been. I had a big birthday party planned and myself and a large group of us were going to go out for a few drinks and then go to a psytrance event and dance the night and possibly the next day away!

Sadly, because of this Corona bollocks, all this has been cancelled. Not because I wanted to but because the event we were going to go to has been cancelled.

When the first lockdown ended I did try and organise another event but all the rules and regulation changes meant that we couldn’t do this. Who wants to go out and sit in groups of six!

However, I did go to Leeds in August, to celebrate Mikki’s first birthday as Mikki, with my mate Wendy and had a good laugh and got absolutely fucking wasted.

Love you Wendy, babes.

I’ve also had some great nights out since July with Bob and Vic, Barry and Natalie, Doug and Lisa as well as nights out with the girls.

10pm curfew put paid to that!

Today, instead of celebrating with a party a friend and I, are off to Blackpool for the night. We can’t go out out but restaurants are open (and serving alcohol) as are so are many other businesses, arcades, etc.

Not the 50th birthday I had planned but until Corona bullocks goes away this is the best I could do.

At lease I’ve gone out as I know friends from school, who are also 50, haven’t even been out for a drink since March!

Maybe on my 51st birthday I’ll get to do all the things I’d planned for my 50th.

Watch out 2021 as I am gonna party like never before. In general 2020 has been a massive disappointment, but its also been my big 50th birthday disappointment.

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