I’ve asked myself this a lot over the past few weeks and I’m still not sure that am I mental?

I told one of my friends that I didn’t just love her but I was falling in love with her, which I am, was, am, argh! Yes! OMG!!

When I’m around her I feel a massive sense of elation, well being, and love for this person and when I leave her I felt the need to be back with her and a general sense of foreboding, of anxiety the longer I wasn’t with her. I’ve not felt like this with anyone for a very long time!

I told her because I believe in being honest with people but I also told her because I wanted to let her know how I felt.

I knew for damn sure she didn’t feel the same way but I told her anyway.

Was that selfish?

I don’t think so as I believe in being honest!

Now I feel like I might have lost a friend through my own selfless thoughts.

I said what I said and I live with my decision.

But I’m asking myself, “Am I mental for doing this?”

I’m still trying to work this out in my head!

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