My own mental Happiness

My own mental Happiness

It makes me laugh sometimes that some of my so caled friends/acquaintances try to to use me to quash or to appease their own mental happiness. I am more than happy to listen but with some folk its never recipricated.

Let me clarify that because they are unhappy in their own lives they belly ache and whinge about this and treat others poorly to make themselves feel better.

Now the title of this blog might seem a little bit ironic as I am saying that my mental happiness is the most important thing while complaining that others use me to make themselves feel better.

Maybe some people don’t think I’m being fair here and that I should listen to the endless whining or to take the constant abuse from people who use me to further their mental happiness especially sometimes when their rants can go on for hours on end.

It seems that some folk like to hand out their problems to others and dont want to have to deal with other peoples in return.

I have all the time in the world for most people but some I am gently pushing away as I think they are toxic and dont want my own sanity polluting with their anger, aggression and problems.

Hence, why I think about my own mental happiness.

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