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An ode to my dog

I wrote this shortly after my girl passed in July and I hope this poem helps someone else.   I morn my girl Chante, every-day. My life isn’t the same, since she passed away. For 15 years, a massive part in my life. She was even with me, through troubles and strife. And not a …


You’re Beautiful

When I tell you that you are beautiful, I don’t do it because I’m being nice but because I genuinely think you are beautiful. Not just beautiful to look at, but beautiful inside, in your heart and your mind and a beautiful nature. Please don’t cast my words aside as a throw away comment, embrace …

Inner Cinema at Equinox Festival

Can’t do that at home, dancing!

You can’t do that at home, dancing! After this year’s many events and talking to lots of people, I’ve come to the realisation that dancing for some folk is a release. Let me clarify, you can dance at home, Yes! However, not to the level you can at a festival, rave, or live event. Personally, …