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Dysphoria Quick thoughts


I am really struggling today with being misgendering! After spending the day with my mother on Monday, who I know is never going to change irrespective of how many times I correct her on my chosen pronouns, but it’s the fact that she does it while speaking about me to other people while I’m in …


So, you’re a tranny?

So, you’re a tranny? I’ve been asked this a few times so here goes! No. I’m transgender. I’m not a vehicle transmission! I’m not a man dressed as a tart looking for men to have sexual intercourse with! And I’m not a mid sized boxy van used by builders and other tradesmen for the movement …

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If I was Dead (poem)

If I died, would you care? But wait, don’t worry I’m not going anywhere A hypothetical question For an answer, I task But if I died “What happened?” Would you ask? Or shrug your shoulder Not a thought, would you cast Would you weep or cry A year of sorry Or put pity aside Would …