Tonight has been a weird sort of night and I’ve had one woman looking at me intently.

What do you mean Mikki, looking?

She was not looking at me but looking in the area of my groin.

Tonight, I’ve been for a night out in Leeds and it’s not somewhere I go on a regular basis but tonight it was very strange.

I’ve been to a psytrance night, with my little psytrance trance family.

Out dancing with 6 friends, and when we were in the club one of my friends clocked a women keep looking at me, more precisely staring in the area of my genitals!

This was so blatent that two of my friends actually picked this up before I did.

And when I looked at her, she continued staring at my groin! I even turned and she moved so she could keep looking!

Now, I could have got really angry about this but instead I moved away but it just made me wonder what goes through people’s heads and do they look at every bodies groin to determine their gender?

It’s really got me thinking about what people are actually looking at when they look at me as a person?

I’ve never had this before and I’ve been out all over the country.

When one of my friends asked her what she was staring at she asked “Is it a woman!”

My mate isnt backwards in coming forwards and actually said to her “What do you mean it? She’s a woman! What’s your f****** problem, stop staring at my friend. I’m damn sure you’d be pretty pissed off if somebody did the same to you” “Are you a man or a woman”

So, if you were that woman and you were wondering, then keep wondering, as what I’ve got in my trousers is nobody else’s business but my own.

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